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Trip to Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is also the capital of the Lazio region, the center of the Metropolitan City of Rome, and a special comune named Comune di Roma Capitale. Packed with so many historic symbols that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here are some of our top picks.

The Colosseum and Roman Forum

In Rome, these top historical sites are close to one another and are frequently included in entry tickets or guided excursions. It is quite impressive and like traveling back in time a thousand years to the Roman Empire. The forum once acted as the city’s administrative and religious core, and nearby are the remains of numerous markets and other institutions.

Colosseum and Roman Forum

The Holy See

Another choice!  View both the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s Pieta with your own eyes.  Also, the Sistine Chapel’s door shuts in the late afternoon. To view it all, prepare a schedule in advance or spread it out over a few days.

Fountain of Trevi

A trip to Rome would be impossible without experiencing the Trevi Fountain, which has been memorialized in many movies and Instagram photos. Trivium, a Latin term, is where the Latin fountain takes its name (intersection of three streets). Right in the middle of De ‘Crocicchi Street, Poli Street, and Delle Muratte Street is the statue.

Fountain of Trevi


The vibrant neighborhood of Trastevere is a vibrant, bohemian town that holds on to its long-standing, working-class roots. Along with basic B&Bs and inexpensive hotels, it is well known for its innovative and classic trattorias, craft beer pubs, and artisan shops. This lovely district in Rome is made up of cobblestone streets lined with cafes, eateries, specialty shops, and a relaxed, Mediterranean vibe. It’s excellent for saunters, and at night it comes to life.

The Palatine Hill

According to mythology, Romulus and Remus founded the city on Palatine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills. As you might be familiar, they are genetically identical to what a wolf would have discovered in a cave and suckled. You may visit this cave and the remnants of historical figures’ residences, including Augustus, the first Roman emperor, at the peak of Palatine Hill.

Place of Venice

One of Rome’s main squares, piazza Venezia, is not far from the Roman Forum and is placed at the other end of Via Dei Fori imperial. All of the streets go to Rome’s top tourist sites from there! Here you may see the Victor Emmanuel II Monument, commonly known as the “Altare Della Patria” or “Vittoriano,” a huge white marble structure honoring the first king of Italy. The well-known Trajan’s column, which has bas-reliefs depicting the military victories of Emperor Trajan, is also located close to the square. You can also take advantage of a fantastic panoramic view of the entire city from the building’s roof. At the back of the building is a glass lift that allows access.

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