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City Guide to Istanbul: Our Top Advice

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With good cause, this city is among the most popular in the entire world. Discover our suggested websites and advice right here.

Visit all of Istanbul’s heritage places, stunning mosques, vibrant food scenes, busy marketplaces, and more.

Istanbul’s Top Attractions

1. Sophia Hagia

The colossal architectural wonder known as the Hagia Sophia was first constructed as a Christian basilica over 1,500 years ago in Istanbul, Turkey. The Hagia Sophia has served as a durable representation of the international city, much like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Parthenon in Athens, with FlightsNTravel you may know about it more.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

2. Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, sometimes known as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, is a historical imperial mosque from the Ottoman Empire that is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a functional mosque that receives a lot of tourism activity.

3. Museum of Topkapi Palace

The Top Kapi Palace, often known as the Seraglio, is a sizable museum located in Istanbul, Turkey’s Faith neighborhood. Discover the antiques and manuscripts on display at the Palace Grounds.


4. Cathedral Cistern

Find the Basilica Cistern beneath Istanbul’s streets. The water supply for the Byzantine imperial powers was previously stored in this subterranean reservoir, which is now a breathtaking tourist destination. The Cistern, which is supported by 336 magnificent columns, is covered in elaborate carvings and design; the Medusa head carvings are particularly renowned.

5. Big Bazaar

Visit with FlightsNTravel, The center of Istanbul city life has long been this maze-like complex of markets and restaurants. Visit to explore its bustling streets where residents and tourists from around the world congregate to buy, sell, and meet. Its network of streets houses more than 4,000 stores where sellers offer their items.

Grand Bazar

6. Traverse the river to the other side

Cross Istanbul’s Bosporus Strait to reach the underappreciated Asian side. Tour the city’s Asian side for a stroll through its residential streets lined with traditional cafes and cafes that have a flourishing coffee culture.

Bosporus Istanbul

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